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Each of our decks come with grip tape on the topside, random mini stickers, and a hemp finger leash with a hook and loop cuff, so you don’t lose your board if things get a little gnarly out there.

Precio: 9.95
(Total: 9.95 €)

“Look, Ma! No wheels!!!” This is fingerboarding reimagined. Windeck turns a simple car ride or boat ride into the perfect playground for finger surfing the wind. Our decks were designed with both surf and skate in mind borrowing the perfect elements from each form. The decks shape, size, and weight are perfect for getting lift at just a few mph, even in front of a standard box fan. The grip tape top is ideal for staying firmly planted even on the biggest turns, or craziest chop. And, the finger leash and cuff ensures you’ll never lose your deck even in the most gnarly conditions.

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