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Ref.: BXS1570
Fabricante: Fingerboard Store

With the FBS Spacers you can use single bearing wheels like Oak Wheels or Winkler Wheels on your Ytrucks.

Precio: 2.50
(Total: 2.50 €)

Ytrucks are designed to be used with dual bearing wheels, so they have a longer axle than f.e. Blackriver Trucks.

The problem:
Your single bearing wheels slide on the Ytrucks axle and therefore they can’t roll perfectly.

The solution:
FBS Spacer!
The Spacers replace the 2nd bearing and you can use you Oak Wheels, Winkler Wheels or other single bearing wheels on your Ytrucks.

FBS Spacers are machine made from stainless steal. To mount the Spacers just place them on your Ytrucks axle and push them in gently with your wheel. The Spacers are made very precise to avoid any wobbling so you have to ably some pressure, which won’t damage your Wheels or Trucks.

Content: 4 FBS Spacers
The Ytrucks and Oak Wheels used for the photos are not included.


2019 Update:

From now on FBS Spacers can be used with other trucks like Blackriver Trucks or Dynamic Trucks. Thanks to a bigger inner diameter the will fit most trucks. However, these trucks have a shorter axle pin than Ytrucks, which means you won't be able to tighten your lock nuts all the way. Nevertheless, they still hold everything in place safely.

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